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Carefully plan the deployment of your Fleet Management system, implement it quickly if possible

Transport strategy

Careful planning of installation and commissioning

Take time to study your deployment process. Proper coordination of the installation in vehicles and at the company’s headquarters is essential. You will save time and avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime. Make a list of all vehicles and be sure to keep the workshop and operations well informed of the installation schedule. This way, all the pieces of the puzzle can be put in place with the least effort for employees.
We always recommend a quick installation.

Planera driftsättningen av ditt system för fleet management noga

Quick installation and deployment

We always recommend a quick installation. A short transition phase between your old and new solution allows you to avoid malfunctions as much as possible. Switching from one software to another is not ideal. It is best to minimize this transition phase as much as possible. For example, it is often more efficient to use an external service provider who can install your on-board computers in a good time

Excecute a pilot implementation if possible

Performing a pilot test with a few vehicles gives you the opportunity to test the solution “live” and ensure that your choice of software meets your objectives. To be effective, your objectives must be clear and your pilot must be based on a constant evaluation of the same parameters.
When a company changes objectives 3 or 4 times during this phase, the pilot is rarely successful


Share the project in several sub-projects within larger organizations

Don’t underestimate the complexity of deploying on a very large number of vehicles. It quickly becomes complicated. For larger organizations, it is therefore often advisable to divide the project into sub-projects, subsidiary by subsidiary for example. Some also proceed step by step in terms of functionality. This is particularly suitable for an easy project buy-in in the case of a first equipment. Start, for example, by launching the basic geolocation solution and introduce, 3 months later, eco-driving or the TMS interface. Your vehicles will already be equipped,
you will no longer have to immobilize them. But you will be able to approach the topics gently and take advantage of the data collected during this phase to launch your project.

Train someone internally to be able to assemble / dismantle / service the systems in the vehicles

Even if you use a service provider to install your on-board computers, consider training someone in-house to assemble/disassemble the
hardware. It is always very useful to have a resource to perform basic tasks. In case of a problem with an on-board computer, you will
be autonomous and will not have to wait a few days for your service provider to arrive.

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