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For better results in Eco-driving: how do you manage drivers' results and incentives?


One important area that many of our customers often discuss is how to handle good and bad results, and if any incentives should be offered to great performing drivers. The reason is that in an eco- driving project we are managing humans. Based on our experiences, it is often smart to offer some kind rewards to the drivers who perform best or who has shown the best improvements. It can be an effective and cheap way to promote eco-driving. Vouchers for a weekend, being part of a lottery, an outing for the most successful team, or even a financial reward ... no matter what the reward is, the important thing is the recognition of the results!

Management studies generally agree that the effects of rewards are often more effective than punishments. Some studies would also say that non-financial rewards sometimes have a more positive effect than financial ones, as employees would respond more emotionally. In most situations, drivers would most likely be prouder of a group outing they won with their good performances compared with a financial reward.


Then it is important to provide advice and extra help for those who are lagging behind. You should keep them informed that they could improve their performances with limited changes and ask them why they don’t try. This may be due to mechanical problems or factors they cannot impact. If this is not the case, additional training aids or training sessions may be required. In general, there is always 10- 20% of the staff who may not be interested in participating in the project and for whom a personalized approach is necessary.

“We normally see savings of about 2 dl per 10 km, i.e. approximately saving of 5-7 %. But above all, we see that the vehicles are driven more safely and that wear and tear have decreased as a result of our project. Some of the drivers, who have learned to drive in the “right” way, now experience the driving as much more comfortable without losing any time due to Eco-driving”

Fredrik Lotzner, Team Leader for drivers/vehicles, Dagab Backa

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