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November 2019

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What does Eco-driving have for effect - what are the major benefits?

Based on the experience and outcomes of hundreds of projects in Eco-driving, where proper programs for Eco-driving have been implemented, Vehco has seen that it can have the following benefits.

• Up to 15% fuel savings and CO2 emissions.

For better results in Eco-driving: how do you manage drivers' results and incentives?

One important area that many of our customers often discuss is how to handle good and bad results, and if any incentives should be offered to great performing drivers. The reason is that in an eco- driving project we are managing humans.

Why is a communication strategy crucial for your Eco-driving project - and how should it be designed?

The success of your eco-driving will depend on your communication strategy. A positive and well-constructed communication will engage your employees. The first steps of the preparation are always important. Before launching your eco-driving project, consider communicating about the project.

Effective and regular training of the drivers is important to achieve good results in Eco-driving

Communication of the basic principles of eco-driving must be supplemented by individual theoretical training and in real driving conditions. Why? Quite simply, nothing replaces coaching by an experienced trainer. To ensure long-term results, trainings and reminders are essential.

For a successful project in Eco-driving: implement tools that monitor and coach the drivers

How should you analyze the performance of your drivers and vehicles if you do not have the tools? How should drivers improve their behavior if they are not coached and don’t get continuous feedback?

The first step to succeeding with the project in Eco-driving: careful preparation

Before starting, we advise you to go through a phase of analysis and thinking to consider all the stakes of the project. Define objectives that explain why the approach is specific to your business. What are the objectives? Cost control, protection of the environment, getting the CO2 label?

Involve the entire company in the Eco-driving project

If you are considering this kind of project for your business, it is important to step back and tackle it in a comprehensive manner. This project does not only concern drivers. It is a project that will impact many of the departments and services in the company.

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