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Who we are

Vehco is a leading European provider of solutions for Fleet- and Transport Management, and part of AddSecure (see below). Our core business is to provide fleet- and transport management systems for heavy and light commercial vehicles. Vehco values presence for its customers and is physically represented on most of its target markets to provide personalized support in each country. The company has offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and in Poland. We strive to always offer proximity and contact with customers in the local language. Vehco markets and sells our products through a dedicated sales team and through partners in Europe.

Key figures:

  • 2000 customers in Europe
  • 100 000 equipped vehicles
  • 250 employees
  • 32 M€ of turnover
  • 17 % of turnover invested in R&D

About AddSecure

AddSecure is a leading European player within secure critical communications. We provide over 50,000 customers and partners around Europe with secure communication solutions within monitored alarms and critical IoT communications. In total, we have delivered close to 400,000 connections and one million units.

Our solutions - which help save lives, protect property and secure vital societal functions - are flexible, easy to install and help increase our customers' competitiveness.

The company founded in the early 1970s today employs around 300 staff. AddSecure has its headquarters in Sweden and regional offices as well as a network of distributors around Europe.

AddSecure is owned by Abry Partners, an American private equity fund founded in 1989 and headquartered in Boston, USA. Abry Partners is one of the USA’s most successful private equity companies and, since its inception, has completed more than 550 transactions worth over 61 billion US dollars.

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